Baby Full Month Packages – How to choose the right package for your celebration?

By Terence Sim

There are several baby full month packages available and it is important that you choose the right package for your celebration. In most cases, a lot of our customers have asked us “What is the right package that they should choose which stays memorable for a longer time?”

Over at Coochicoo, we have compiled a series of tips for you to guide you through on the full month packages issues that you might face.

1)    As there are a lot to do during the celebration day of baby’s first month, try to spread out the task and have them completed earlier or delegate them. Select a package that you do not necessary need to give them out immediately. Pastries, cakes, kuehs are food that needs to be consumed within a few days hence you must give them out as soon as possible and they cannot be kept. Alternatively you may consider vouchers, choclates, cookies, candies, etc which you can still give out the next few days.

2)    Next up is the budget. Although you may be very excited over the birth of your child, it is important to ensure that you do not overspend your budget. You do not want to start your baby’s new life in debt. Some full month Singapore providers offer discounts.

3)    Select memorable gift packs.  As there are many full month Singapore packages out there, choose a package that you and your guest can remember for a longer time.

4)    Organising a baby full month party in Singapore can be very stressful. Thus, if the need arises, reassure your partner/spouse to enjoy the day and do not fret too much over the baby full month details.

We understand the joy and pain when parents are choosing their baby full month package. We would like to help you make a better purchasing decision. For more info, feel free to call us or email to us!

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