3 Traditional Foods For Your Baby Full Month

By Terence Sim

One Chinese tradition that is still widely practiced these days is the baby full month celebration wherein a ceremony should be held when the baby reaches one month old. This celebration is meant to mark the first full month of life of the baby and to formally introduce both mother and baby to the relatives and friends. Often, it involves giving of baby full month packages, which contain different types of goodies that have significance to the baby.

The full month packs may contain several kinds of goodies, but there are popular choices of food that usually complete the packages. Below are three of these commonly preferred foods for baby full month celebration.

Red Eggs

According to the customary, the red dyed eggs are essential part of the full month ceremony as they symbolise good luck, happiness and fortune. It is believed that giving red eggs to relatives and friends can bring much luck to the baby. Eggs represent fertility and their shape signifies harmony; hence most parents never forget to include red eggs in their packs. Based on the tradition, parents announce the baby’s gender by giving out odd number of eggs if the baby is boy and even number of eggs if the baby is girl.

full month singapore red eggs

In recent times, the tradition encompassing the passing out of red dyed eggs have been changed. Modern parents give out chocolates or soft toys to guests instead of red eggs. However, there are parents who still observe the old traditions.

Ang Ku Kueh (Red Turtle Cakes)

Red turtle cakes are another popular option for the baby full month packages. In Chinese custom, red is known to represent good luck; hence the dough of the red turtle cake is dyed red. The cake also symbolises longevity since turtles are believed to have long lives. Consequently, the ang ku kueh is designed to resemble the back of the turtle.

full month packages ang gu guay

Based on Hokkien tradition, a plain round red turtle cakes are given out if you have a son while the traditional tortoise moulds, which are more delicate and complex, are sent out if you have a girl.

Glutinous Rice

In addition to the red eggs and red turtle cakes, the Chinese also prepares a glutinous rice to distribute to all invited guests. The preparation of this dish often varies depending on whose cooking, which means the taste may have a little difference too. The Teochew version of glutinous rice is sweet and streamed, while the version of Hokkien is cooked with fatty pork, Chinese mushroom, dried shrimp, fried shallots and dark soy sauce giving a flavourful taste.

glutinous rice for baby full month

No matter how the dish is prepared, the glutinous rice has been a vital part of baby full month celebration as it symbolises harmony and happiness.

In a baby full month ceremony, the baby usually undergoes different rituals before the celebration begin. Today, the full month party can be carried out by acquiring full-fledged catering service with buffet for the guests, or you can opt for smaller celebration with family and close friends. Meanwhile, parents can search for baby full month packages supplier which is more practical especially if both parents are working. There are several suppliers offering different packages that can suit your budget. Often, they let you pick which goodies to include in the pack. You may observe the tradition or add a little twist to the packages.

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