Baby Full Month – What are the tricks to the trade?

By Terence Sim

Coochicoo Singapore has been providing baby full month packages in a unique and memorable way. Our experience in these baby full month packages is probably second to none.

In our latest blog article titled ‘Baby Full Month – What are the tricks to the trade?’ We’ll share with our customers what are the commons tricks and tips to ensure that the baby full month celebration goes on well without any hiccup.

1)    Plan, Plan and Plan!
It is of utmost importance to plan your baby full month party. Planning includes planning the number of guests to invite hence the number of gift packs to give out, wet weather program, choosing a caterer that can appeal to the taste buds of your guests and etc. As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

2)    Red Eggs!
Yes you heard me right! It is important to ensure that red eggs are available in your baby shower party. In most baby full month party, guest come to the venue expecting to see some red eggs for good luck sake. Hence, you should always prepare some. Even better surprise them with unique red eggs that is filled with chocolate, mints, gummy bears, etc that you can prepare in advance and can be kept for days.

3)    Confinement lady’s help
During your confinement, most ladies nowadays will employ the help of a confinement lady to assist them during the difficult 1st month. In most cases, we will recommend that you extend the confinement lady’s stay by a few days so that they can be around to help out during the baby full month party, while you can mingle and chat with your friends.

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