Lok Lok House Party

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What is Lok Lok?
Lok Lok is a popular street food in Malaysia in particular Kuala Lumpur and Melaka (Malacca). It is sold at the road sides and car parks and is usually from the back of trucks or vans between early evenings till a couple of hours after midnight.

Why the name Lok Lok?
Lok 淥 in Cantonese means to be scalded or getting burnt in hot water and hence the name 淥淥 since most of Kuala Lumpur Chinese speaks in Cantonese. The way of eating Lok Lok is to dip skewered food in hot liquid. You may dunk them into a pot of ferocious boiling hot water and eaten with various sauces – chilli, soya or satay sauces (Kuala Lumpur style).

This house party is trying to re-create the Lok Lok idea (but of course without the van or truck) with an assortment of skewed food that you will typically get from a Lok Lok van or truck.


How to eat Lok Lok …
1. Take a skewered food.
2. Dip the skewered food in the boiling hot water.
3. Once cooked, pour the sauce of your selection and eat from the stick.
Do not …
1. Re-dip the skewered food into the boiling water.
2. Drink the water. It is not meant to be a soup.



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